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How the West has won: an essay from the border of Russia

Here is a link to what amounts to my thesis of journalism school at Kent State, a piece of writing that just kept coming despite several identity crises (ironically) and survived as an argument in about 8,000 words that Russia has lost the tiny Baltic state of Estonia.

Jake and I went to Estonia from March 15 to 30 with a reporting group of about 20 students who produced content for Dateline Baltics, the site for KSU’s International Storytelling course.

Jake and I — we’ve worked on at least five major reporting projects and too many smaller assignments to count — split off from the group and traveled to Narva, which rests peacefully on the border of Russia. We were in Narva the day Russia annexed Crimea. With assistance from Nikita, an Estonian student we partnered with as part of International Storytelling, we navigated northeastern Estonia and found sources.

As you’ll see, Nikita himself became a source, and our project changed quickly from an on-the-ground breaking news bit on an international crisis to an extended essay with crisp audio and brilliant photos that show how the West has won in Estonia. Those who fear a referendum in the Baltics likely have nothing to fear.

Enough previewing. I appreciate any feedback from anyone, since it’s such a dense topic and I spent every night for about a month thinking of how to explain it. I highly recommend some kohv beforehand.

Here are some scenes from the trip:

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